Issue with Chrome

I found a issue with the thumb rotation with the chrome Browser.

Normaly we had a set of thumbs for the rotation like this:

In that case the rotation in chrome works well. But we also have a lot of old Videoposts without

The rotation starts with 1 and goes on up to 10 / 0 . If the thumb -0.jpg is not availible then the user see the error which dont looks good.

On the site i had renamed the last thumb for the first six videoposts („NEUE BLOWJOBS“). The change was to remame to

Here is a video to discribe it:

A solution would be to limit the rotation 1-9 in instead of 1-10. That would reduce the errors a lot.
But much better would be to detect if there is no further thumb and quit or something else, so the user does not see the error. That is what i would prefere because we had a lot of old sites and posts where we just have one or two thumbs insteed of 1-10.
Here is a example:
I deleted here the following thumbs and there is just the first:
For the view of a user it looks very bad as you can see.
Maybe you  know a solution for that, with firefox that is not a problem. Perhaps there is a special solution for Chrome (E.g. Chrome dont support mouseover or something else)
Ps.  You will find the script for the rotation in this path:

Theme Carousel only on the Mainpage (Rootdomain)

In this task i want another change vor the Theme. Currently the carousel is displayed on the Mainpage and on the following sites in the pagination.

If possible then i want display the carousel only on the Mainpage.



Thats how the archive sites (or the following sites in the pagination, think you know what i mean) should look like. The new videos should displayed but without the carousel.