Kenplayer – Responsive – Updated Version

First: Your changes to display all xhamster videos work well and the additional function with all resolutions is great.

Now i need help with the with a display bug on mobile. If you click on the fullscreen mode the video is not agusted in full width.

Testsite was:

In the horizontal mobile version the video does not fit into the full width. That needs to be fixed.

I added this css to the style.css a while ago but i think that this is not the problem:

.jwplayer.jw-stretch-uniform video {
object-fit: fill;
.embed-responsive .embed-responsive-item, .embed-responsive embed, .embed-responsive iframe, .embed-responsive object, .embed-responsive video {
border: 0 none;
bottom: 0;
height: 100%;
left: 0;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
width: 100%;
object-fit: cover;


PS. : on the Settingspage of the plugin is a option, but that is not the solution.


Maybe the newest version would fix that problem.  Want to try the newer version of the kentransformer for some other reasons too. So it would be nice if you could merge / compare your changed version with the newest.     Your changed version and the newest version of the Tool




Since your change i also activate the player for redtube videos too and add one video to the testsite:

It works for a while (more then a day) but now it generats an error (Tested it with the http and the https link:  http(s)://

Maybe you can take a look to that too.



Change whatever you want we have a backup. And if you need i could create another Testsite.

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